You need to Brand Yourself, Like companies Brand Products

Companies like, Kellogg’s, Nike and Walmart have done a great job at getting their name out in the public eye. So that “Us” as the consumers recognize their names, logo’s and packaging.

Think about it, have you ever made or eaten a Rice Krispies treat?

Of course you have.

Can you tell me something?  If made those treats with a generic brand of rice cereal that is identical to Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal — (Except for the name and the design on the box) –Would you stop calling it “Rice Krispies treats” and use another name?

I doubt it!

I am willing to bet, that you would call that “generic brand cereal” Rice Krispies.

Why do you think, you would do that? Simple! Kellogg’s has done an excellent job of branding a rice cereal — Snap Crackle and Pop.

So what does that tell us? Well, “Us” as consumers would be lost without brands. How would companies compete, without branding? A pair of shoes would be just shoes. There wouldn’t be anything “special” about them. Because they weren’t held in high regard like the “Air Jordan’s”.  That was for all the guys out there that think shoes are boring to talk about.

Lol. Okay back on track.

For the girls, I have a cute pair of shoe.  Ask me already, where I got them!

I picked them up, at a “little corner shop” down the street, across from Maple.

That gave you a clear picture right? It’s didn’t, huh? What if, I told you the “brand” of the shoes?

A brand is actually something, you can connect with.

Remember that movie Mel Gibson was in “What Woman Want”? Mel Gibson’s Character (which is a red personality by the way). Does an advertising campaign for “Nike” where he uses, the tagline “Nike, no games, just sports”.

Yeah, you get the idea. The name (brand) “Nike” gives you something to connect with. A clear picture.

Instead of saying, they came from the store down the street.

That’s all branding is, connection!

I will tell you one more time — just in-case, you didn’t catch it, the first time.

Take, Perry Marshall, Super cool guy. What’s he, known for?  Google Adwords! You hear, Perry’s, name, you automatically, connect him with, Google Adwords, Right?

One more. Mike Dillard? Magnetic Sponsoring. Sure, Mike, has more than one product. But, he is known, for what? Let me hear, you say it. Magnetic Sponsoring!

When I talk about “branding yourself”. I mean take your “name” and make it famous, baby. Become known for “blank”. Give people something they can “connect” your name with.  Not just anything, something of value.

Choose a niche, then become an expert in it. Become the king or queen of _______ (you choose what goes in the blank). J

All you need to do is master one thing…Once you become really good at that one thing you can branch out from there.

That’s it, I just gave you the “big secret” to branding. Become totally awesome at something. Then show people how to do that thing.  The more people you reach, the more love you get. Before you know it, you’re famous, Baby. And you’re rollin, in the dough.

Don’t forget me when you get all that fame. 😉


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