Yellow Personality Type:The Sensitive Soul Priorities:
, Creating, Helping Others 
Speech patterns:
Slow and soft 
Attitude: Passive, laid back Appearance:
Casual and very informal, earth tones

Weaknesses: Overly sensitive to criticism and rejection. They take thing very personal , especially rejection from a missed sale. They have a tendency to get pushed around or even get walked on by others. They are not goal oriented or highly motivated to achieve excellence in a business setting. Worst of all they always buy people’s excuses or reasons for not achieving their objectives, being too sympathetic.
They shut down when someone confronts them or yells at them. Yellow’s Hold grudges. They hold their emotions in for long periods of time if they think expressing them will cause a conflict. When they get to a breaking point they explode (worse than a Red’s outburst). Trust people easily, very gullible. Hesitant when asked questions and take a long time thinking about the answer.

They dwell on problems. They can talk your ear off when you are in a hurry, and get offended if you are abrupt with them. They are professional worriers. They beat around the bush when confronting anything unpleasant.


They can take criticism and rejection without taking it personally. They learn not to dwell on problems. They learn to be empathetic instead of sympathetic. They learn to be aware of when other people do not have excess time to “chit chat” and let them go without thinking they are rude. They learn how to be more goal oriented and results focused. They learn how to confront issues and express their feelings even if they don’t think they will be popular. They realize that they cannot save everyone; they can only help those who want to save themselves.

Strengths: Very easy to get along with. Very personable and friendly. They are great listeners. They have a lot of genuine friendships, therefore, big hot/warm market. Very unselfish. They are great team players They are extremely creative and expressive. They are dedicated and patient. Warm, Loyal and Supportive (They are supporters rather than leaders). They will follow an ethical leader.

Dislikes: Greedy people. Selfish people. Loud people. Pushy people. Profanity. People who destroy our environment or our animals. Materialistic people, arrogance. Hate when things aren’t fair. Jerks. Emails and other things that feel impersonal. Making tough decisions. People who talk over them.

They do not like people who are phony, and they are very intuitive. environmentally conscious. They do not like conflicts and confrontations. (Very opposite from the Red personality type.)

Likes: They like to sell products that truly make difference in peoples lives. Peace and harmony

They love to read a good book, and they love art. They like to volunteer their time. Family oriented, they love the outdoors and are very spiritual. They like to help people with there problems.

Love Hugs. They’re very touchy feely people. Like talk shows. Crave Attention. They’re people watchers. Love soft music and long term friendships. Calm settings. They are huge on honesty and integrity. They love animals and the great outdoors. They are natural peacemakers.

Some are into health food and recycling things, Growing a garden. Environmentally conscious.

How to move them

*They love story tellers

*Show genuine concern about what their needs are

*They don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care

*Testimonials, especially about people with great product results.

*Nicely suggest what they should do, always guiding them on a slower path.

*They are emotional buyers.

*Show “Big Picture” in relation to helping thousands of people.

Identifying Yellow Personalities

Dress: Casual and comfortable. Not expensive, flashy or trendy. Lots of earth tones.

Appearance: Longer hair. Not styled any special way.
Nothing flashy for jewelry, etc. Least physically fit of all groups.

Tone of voice: Happy and warm tone to voice Speak softer and slower than other types
Rarely sharp or sarcastic.

Timeliness: Usually on time or early. Respectful of others time.
Spend much of business time making small talk and building rapport.

Greeting them: They will get close to you. They may even hug you.
Softer handshake. They respond well to a warm smile and eye contact.

Persuading Them: Be sincere and interested in their needs (listen to them)
Tell them what to do, showing them a slower path to get started.
Do not challenge them or be boastful or materialistic.

They respond to honesty and integrity.
Show them the ‘Big Picture”

Teaching Them: Compliment them, correct them very nicely, then praise them for their commitment
Be very mindful of you tone of voice. Do not yell at them and don’t cuss.
If they know you care about their well being, they will take instruction.
They respond well if you make them feel guilty about letting you down.

Inspiring Them: Don’t put them in competition with individuals
(Talk team victories) Let them know their production is helping others.
Let them know you will be proud of them if they achieve.

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