Why aren’t you making any money, when everyone needs your Product?

You may think everyone needs or wants your product, but that is just garbage you were led to believe. But I hate to break it to you, it’s a lie. I am going to need denture cream someday. I definitely don’t need it now. But I will need it someday, so maybe I should start stocking up on it now. Lol

Yeah, that was funny. But it’s not a joke that you need to be marketing to the right kind of people. Specificity people who are actively looking to solve a problem you can cure.

Just for fun, let’s pretend you’re a part of a 7 trillion dollars industry “Travel” it’s also the 2nd largest industry in the world. (Banking is #1). So we know by the dollar amount a lot of people travel.

And you just happen to have a membership club that can save people loads of money on travel.

But we are not going to make the mistake and think well everyone travels, so they need to join our membership club and save money on travel. (Donald Trump owns his own online travel company, so he doesn’t require our services.)

The families that take a fun little road trip to grandma’s house each year, found their own way to save on travel. (Drive your own car, stay at relatives, lol) So they don’t want our services.

People with RV’s probably don’t want our services either. Get the idea.

So we know, who isn’t, “our target market”, now we need to find out who is. We need to break it down.

  1. Make a list of all the problems your Product or Service can solve.

Travel can relieve stress

Travel more places on the same dime.

People can still afford to travel in a down economy

  1. Make a list of potential Sub Markets (Your Market is People who Travel)

People with stressful Jobs that need a vacation

People who want to travel to Europe

People that want to go to Disneyland

People with a small budget that still want to travel.

  1. Now you make a list of your Sub Markets, Sub Market.

Basically you break it down one more time. Like this.

Market: Travel

Sub market: Newly Wed’s going on a honey moon.

Sub Market of Sub Market: Newly Wed’s that want to visit Europe. You can even break it down one more time Newly Wed’s that want to visit Pairs.

  1. You need to make a list of each Market/Submarkets Fears and Desires.

This will help you get a better idea how to market to them. More specificity how to move them.

By following this 4 step process you will be able to get a more targeted group of people. Equaling more sales and more money in your pocket. 🙂


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