You Deserve to Take a Break

Your work matters. But sometimes, the best way to do better at work is to take some time off. Studies have shown that people (business owners or employees) performance improves when they take breaks. This works in the short term (called the serial position effect) and in the long term (according to multiple studies). Are you one of those who take advantage of this benefit? Or are you one of the people who keeps working harder until you wear out and shut down? Take quick breaks to regroup your thoughts and relax… then achieve even more!

Vacations are disappearing in corporate america. As the business world speeds up, employees and employers are working harder, often to the point of over working. Many think being in the office or available 24/7 makes them better workers or the company grow faster.

But the reality is that people need vacations. A well-rested, vacation-taking person is more productive and more successful.


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