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After you have your clients and have done the competition analysis its time to decide what services you are going to offer your clients. The next couple of training will cover some of the most common offline marketing services you can offer. However there are general principles that need to be taken into consideration when deciding what services you offer clients. This training will help you determine the services that best fit your potential clients.

Business Needs

When determining what services to offer business owners they must first have a genuine need or desire for the service. Most businesses have a poor internet marketing strategy therefore they will likely need whatever services you offer. However, for example, if a business already has a nice mobile optimized website there is no need for you to offer a redesign. If a business has a genuine need and/or desire for your services then it will be an easy sale.

The question then becomes how to determine if a business has a need for a particular service. The easiest way is to find a pain point the business has in their online marketing strategy. That pain point will usually be the reason why a business is missing out on new leads. When you can clearly show that a business is losing money and how your services can help, then you have established a need. Another great way to find a pain point is to find an aspect of the businesses marketing strategy that is incomplete.  A great example of this is with video marketing. Businesses will start a YouTube account and create a couple of videos, however these videos don’t bring in legitimate leads. Knowing this you can offer the business an improved video marketing strategy.


Another important aspects to consider when determining what a service to offer a business owner is the value your services bring to their business. The easiest way to establish the value your services add to a business can be determined by new leads. Showing the number of new leads from different online marketing efforts can reasonable expect to deliver will help show value. Also remember that the value your services add must outweigh the cost of your services. Therefore if you are providing PPC leads, the cost of the clicks mustn’t outweigh the value of new customers.

Your Services

Now that you know how to find what services best fit a business, you must determine what services you want to offer. Much like picking a specific niche to focus on, I recommend picking a limited number of services to offer. By focusing on a limited number of services you will be able to develop a process for implementing you services. This helps not only makes it easier to track your efforts but it also makes your business scalable.

The main service that you offer can be anything from website design to monthly SEO services. You simply have to choose the online marketing method that you are most comfortable with and have the most experience with. Your main service will be what drives your business so spend the appropriate amount of time determining what your main service will be. The training following today’s will show how to properly implement multiple services so you will have an idea of what works best for you.

Track Your Efforts

Like most aspects of running your own successful business you must be able to track your marketing efforts. You have to track everything you do on two fronts:

  • You have to track the work you are doing
  • Track the value that you are adding to a business

Tracking the work that you are doing is very important. At anytime you must be able to show the work you’ve done on a particular campaign. Without this information you are shooting yourself in the foot. Knowing the exact amount of time spent on a campaign, results of a particular strategy, what was done on a campaign will help in the long run. At some point you will get clients that are dissatisfied with your services and you will need crucial information like this to help determine what the issues of the particular campaign.

The second part to tracking your services is determining the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The easiest way to do this is by tracking the number of leads your services have provided to the business.  When you know the number of leads you provided you can then reasonable estimate the value of the leads to the business. This is not just for the benefit of your clients, this can also be of great benefit to your offline business as well. Tracking your marketing efforts allows you to split test different aspects of your marketing campaign. You will be able to find what works best and constantly improve your marketing efforts and delivering even more value

What’s Next

Now it is time to start thinking about what services you want to offer businesses. Narrow down your expertise to one particular service that you can offer at premium prices. Make sure that business have a genuine need and/or desire for your marketing service. Focus on providing value to the businesses you work, which usually comes in the form of new leads. Finally be sure to track all of your marketing efforts. This will help you not only you grow you business but you will also start to provide better service.


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