Serve your customers with love

First of all, I want you to take a moment and think of a few things that you want to work on in your life, they could be big or little things like listening to personal development every day, reading daily, not yelling at your kids, smiling, putting the laundry away and not just stuffing it into a basket….

Next, think of a few things that you are good at, such as playing with your children, preparing meals for your family or showering every day….

I was able to attend in a seminar that talked about controlling your emotions. The therapist spoke about our emotions. He taught about the importance of understanding our emotions and what we can do to manage these emotions in a healthy way. The thing that stuck out in my mind was the idea that to effectively manage our emotions, we must ask ourselves some questions:

  • How am I contributing or reacting to a particular situation?
  • What is in my control?
  • Regarding what is in my control, what can I do about it?
  • Can I ask for insights from a trusted, healthy person, on how I might be contributing to my emotions, how I can deal with my emotions, and what is in my control?

My point is this, when learning about love, service, pride, faith, and kindness, we simply can’t focus on what someone else needs to do, should do, or has done to us. This frame of thought is fruitless and will only lead to frustration and anger. We have no control over what another person thinks, feels, or does. We can only focus on our behavior, our thoughts, and our actions.

So, back to our lists of ‘working on’ and ‘excels at’ that we made in the beginning. I have a list, you have a list, your neighbor has a list.  We are all mortals on this journey of life. We all have flaws, we all have regrets, and we all do things we wish we wouldn’t have. And, sometimes, we misinterpret the behavior of other people and place intentions and blame where there were none to begin with.

I want people to be patient with me. I want them to look for the good in what I do and give me the benefit of the doubt. I can surely offer this same gift to them.

So, we need to love, we need to serve, and we all need friends. We all have opportunities to love, serve, and forge friendships. That is not to say that we will not also have the opportunity to learn patience, understanding, and other more difficult lessons along the way.

I want you to take the preconceived notions and false traditions that you have stored in your brain about forming friendships with your customers and throw them out. You cannot gain new information until you have put aside old information and preconceived notions.

When you build relationships with your prospects and exsiting customers it is simple. It is the way to love, service, learning, and friendship. And guess what? It is also the way to learn to be patient and kind to others and their weaknesses. Double whammy!

Don’t base your success or failure based on how your prospects reponsed! All you can worry about is what you can do. Do you best. Serve your prospects and customers.  Love comes about through service.

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