Results Based Lead Generation


For this lead generation method you will be providing leads to a local business in order to generate new clients. This method is excellent because you provide the results (new leads) to business owners for free before you even contact them. This shows that your methods are effective. Finally it’s an excellent way to build trust between you and local business and makes for an easy close.

A word of caution here, obvious this lead generation method won’t work for every offline business model. For example if you only want to provide mobile marketing services to local business then it will be difficult to send a business mobile leads. Also this method does require an initial investment of time and money before you get any new clients. However I could easily use this one method to generate enough new leads for my business on an ongoing basis.

How to do it

When I want to start a result based lead generation campaign I use one of two methods. The first method I suggest is creating a lead generation site. This is actually the method that I prefer and use most often. Secondly you can choose to do a simple service that can generate leads easily. With the second (and faster) method it is usually used as a “foot in the door” strategy that you can do for multiple businesses.

Lead generation sites play a large role in my offline business. I offer a full suite of offline marketing services but I started off with SEO. So when I first ventured out on my own I used lead generation sites in two ways:

  1. Test new SEO strategies
  2. Create a new lead generation source for potential offline clients

Basically I would rank a site for a local keyword and then send the leads to prospects in the area that didn’t have good rankings in Google. This was an excellent way to get my services out there.

The second way to do results based lead generation is by doing easy services. For example if you want video marketing to play a large role in your offline marketing services then you can create YouTube channels optimized for local keywords. This may take 2 hours and $15 but over time you will have an excellent source of leads available for local prospects.

Here is another great option for those that want to offer Pay Per Click services. First you will need a Google Adwords Voucher, you can usually get one from your hosting provider. You will then use PPC ads to drive traffic to a basic squeeze page or just forward calls to local businesses. This is a simple way to peek the interest of business owners by getting leads to a brand new site!

Delivering Leads

Once you start getting the leads coming in (no matter the method used) you need to be able to quickly deliver the leads to local prospects. There are lot of different methods that could work but the way I choose to do it is via call tracking. I mentioned that I use for all of my call tracking needs. Well CallFire has an interesting feature called “whisper message.” Basically what this does is whisper a message to let the business owner who delivered the lead.

The process works as follows:

  1. A local consumer finds your lead generation site and calls your call tracking number
  2. Your call tracking number automatically forwards the call to one of your local prospects
  3. Local prospect hears the whisper message “This free lead was provided by XYZ Marketing”
  4. Local prospect get a new customer
  5. After allotted amount of time you warm call local prospect about purchasing your offline marketing services

Now when you contact the business owner it will be a warm call! Over the course of a week you could send 6 free leads to a local business then when you follow up they will know that you were sending them legitimate leads. This is a great way to show how effective your marketing services are. Inform the business owner that you will be forced to start sending the leads to one of their competitors unless they want to start paying for the leads.

What’s Next

First you should decide what type of results based lead generation methods you want to employ. You can choose creating a full lead generation website or simply providing a quick service like video marketing or PPC. You will then need to use some type of call tracking to forward all of the leads to a local prospect. If possible be sure to inform the business owner that your company was responsible for generating the leads. Finally be sure to follow up with the local prospect about permanently purchasing your offline services.

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