Red Personality Type

Speech patterns: Fast and loud

Attitude: Aggressive, direct

Appearance: Formal, classy, flashy

Priorities: Winning

Weaknesses: Very self centered and egotistical. They tend to forget other people have feelings.

They are usually closed off emotionally, and very sensitive to criticism.

They are very selfish. They tend to be unteachable because they know it all. Not sympathetic or

understand of others needs or situations.

They can appear rude, arrogant and pushy. It’s their way or the hight way. Bad listeners.

Red’s can easily get addicted or obsessive. Have anger issues. Credit stealer’s. Cut other people off when they are talking. They seek confrontation.

They are a usually insecure and need to get their approval from others, which is the main reason they overachieve. They are selfish. They can be short with people. They are not very good team players. (Opposite to the yellow personality type.)

They are very insecure so they have to put on a hard outer shell to keep people from recognizing their fears and self doubt. They will do anything to win, whether it is ethical or not. They can be sociopaths who create their own moral universe. They crave constant reinforcement of their value from others. They are very egocentric. They are verbally abusive to people. They use fear and intimidation to manage people. They are horrible listeners. They expect, and demand VIP treatment. They resent it when others are in the spotlight. They are demanding of everyone. They are boastful. They are defined by their possessions. They are above all the rules that regular people need to follow. They have a strong sense of entitlement.


They are meek (meaning they have strength under authority). They are very driven to win, but they will not do things unethically to win. They have good self image and do not NEED the approval of others. They are somewhat self- centered, but have an awareness of others needs. They thrive on challenges. They have learned to listen to others and include people in their decision making process. They like VIP treatment, but don’t need it. They want the spotlight, but respect and acknowledge others for their achievements. They are willing to work hard to earn what they get. They don’t go out of their way to express their emotions, but they can do it. They are empathetic to others.

Strengths: These are our “natural born leaders”. They are fearless. They are goal oriented

and thrive on competition. Self sufficient, dynamic and energetic. Independent. Reds portray a confident attitude. They are very decisive and determined. Good decision makers.

They don’t hold grudges. Quick to answer questions. They have a strong desire to win.

Dislikes: They don t like small talk. They hate cheap stuff, and they hate waiting.

They don’t like showing emotion. They don’t like to be followers. They hate losing.

They hate wishy-washy people.

Hate showing their weaknesses. Lazy people. Gold diggers. People who over promise and under deliver. Cry babies. Going coach on planes. Coupons. Video games.

Slow people in fast lane. Peoples excuses. Hate being wrong. Hate not having money. Long winded people. Other peoples opinions.

Likes They like to get things done in a hurry. They like challenges! They like giving you their

credentials. They like being with the beautiful, “top of the food chain” type of people. They enjoy taking risks. They like expensive designer brands. They like power.

They must be in control. They like to the control conversation. Thrive for success.

Reds love being on stage. Flashy expensive things, cars, jewelery, clothes etc. Fast Cars. They like having the best of everything. They enjoy VIP treatment. (Private parties) Buy things. Money. Being Right. Exposing peoples weaknesses. Sports. They want to know how long, how fast, they’re on the now clock. Like to know what’s in it for them. They’re on the fast track. They like to be in the spotlight.

How to move them:

*Let them know what you can do for them.

*Give them options, not opinions.

*Show them the big picture and how they can prominently fit into it.

*Play up their egos.

*Challenge them.

*You have to use the take away, on them.

Identifying Red Personalities

Dress: More formal than casual. Expensive, Designer (even with casual clothes)
Classy and/or sharp look.

Appearance: Shorter hair styles. Sharp and classy over trendy
Rarely anything un-groomed or out of place.

Tone of voice: Loud and forceful. Can be profane and/or sarcastic.
Rather rapid pace of speech.

Timeliness: Usually a few minutes late cause they have full schedules.
Very upset if they are on time and you are not.
Always seem to be in a rush.

Greeting them: They usually have a firm handshake.
They have a space in front of them you should not violate.
Speak confidently and loudly to gain their respect.

Persuading Them: Do Not tell them what to do.
Challenge them. They want to get fast, big results. Show them an aggressive plan to follow.
Flatter them.

Teaching Them: Praise them, then nicely make correction, then praise
them again. Don’t criticize them. Be firm and certain of what you are saying.
Do not embarrass them.

Inspiring Them: Challenge them and put them into competition.
Expect a lot from them.

Please Note: Not all people fall underneath every single characteristic of a specific personality type. We all have attributes from every personality type. Most people lean towards a certain personality type because they have most or all of it’s traits.

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