Blue Personality Type: The Life of the Party

Attitude: Happy and upbeat

Speech patterns: Loud and fast.

Priorities: Living for the moment, and having fun

Appearance: Informal, trendy, bright and colorful, jewelry.

Weaknesses: They are terrible with details and follow up, They have a tendencies to talk to much,

And worse yet , they do so without thinking. They are always late for everything. They are the worst savers of all the personalities. They tend to be indecisive. They tend to lie when they get in trouble and rarely look at the long-term consequences of their short-term actions. (leading to lots of regrets)

They tend to have a lot of drama in their lives. Jump from project to project. Have a hard time finishing tasks. They are very scattered with a very short attention span.. Take rejection personally.

They can ruin relationships by saying things that they regret because they talk before they think, or because they talked too much after drinking excessively.  They build up very high debts “living for the moment” then paying it off forever. They ignore their problems and procrastinate in general. They are very forgetful leading to them being unreliable.


They are mindful of being on time. They have some control over thinking through their actions and their consequences. They can be good at following up with increased focus and effort. They think before they talk to some degree. They learn to have control when they are celebrating and partying. They face their problems and deal with them. They outline their daily tasks to help keep them on track. They cut back on some of their reckless spending. They can keep themselves focused pretty well even if their task is not fun and exciting. They learn to keep their focus even if they are bored.

Strengths: They are animated fun and enthusiastic. They are optimistic, playful, bubbly,

They have huge hot/warm market’s they make every one around them happy and relaxed.

They are spontaneous, they are the “life of the party”. Love social settings, (Dance clubs Seminars, rallies, parties). Planning parties.

Good motivators and promoters. Quick to make decisions. Easy to connect with.

Dislikes: Anyone that tries to take away there fun, people that are to forceful.

Rigid rules, alarm clocks or any time constraints period. They dislike People that are too serious, people that ask too many questions. Dislike Talk Radio and news reports. (Total opposite of the Green Personality.)

Hate boring and tedious tasks of any kind. They don’t like meetings & presentations. Won’t read long sales letters or watch long drawn out videos. School settings, School work. Hate uniform or anything that makes them feel like everyone else. They like to stand out and be different. They hate feeling stupid.

Likes: They love the spotlight. They love the sun and the beach. Having fun and they love to know that they are in the “in” crowd and well liked. They like to make fast cash and love to dream big.

They love to go out and shop. They love loud music and dancing; They love to look great.

And they love to travel. They love to be outside in the sunshine. They love being social and meeting new people.

Telling Jokes or stories. Laughing, Adventure. Live for the moment. Some are Dare Devils, Love roller coasters, body piercing, tattoos. jewelry. Blue’s crave Variety. Always curious. Talk in slang. Love giving and receiving complements. Love to make up stuff, recipes, stories etc. They like to improvise. They like bright things and happy people. They like to follow strong leadership as long as the leaders treat them nicely.

How to move them

*Tell them stories to make your points.

*Focus on short term objectives such as making fast cash.

*Let them know that you will be there to help them when they need you.

*Smile and laugh with them.

*Make it fun for them.

*Tell what to do, but do it nicely.

Identifying Blue Personalities

Dress: Bright color’s, Very hip and trendy, Usually more casual

Appearance: Trendy hair styles (any wild color’s or styles) Spiked Hair with lots of gel.  Can be wrinkled or sloppy.

Tone of voice: Upbeat and happy, Loud and fast
They use a lot of slang expressions and current “hip” terms (very informal)

Timeliness: They are late a lot of the time,
They go off on tangents and cause meetings to go off track/schedule

Greeting them: They will get very close to you
They are very informal (cool, hip handshakes, etc)
Give them a big smile and you start off on the right foot

Persuading Them: Tell them what they should do, but do it nicely
Focus on them hitting short term goals and making immediate cash
Let them know they will have fun and that you will be there for them

Teaching Them: Use an even tone of voice when correcting them
Tell them stories to make your points.

Don’t belabor your points.
End comments on an optimistic, fun note.
Let them know they can do it, so they do not lose
Faith in themselves.

Inspiring Them: Give them simple, short term contests that they can achieve easily
Publicly recognize them when they achieve success
Let them know that to be included in “inner group” they need to produce solid results
Never go to long without some fun.
They will lose interest if it’s all work, all the time

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