Personality Types

Knowing Personality Types is vital to your business because it gives you a clearer view on how your prospect may think or act. Giving you powerful insight into the human psyche. Making it easier and more effective to interact and communicate with that person.

Understanding personality types is not only beneficial in business but also in your life.

It can provide insight into how you react to other people. For example, certain personality types have a tendency to get along better, while other personality types often are prone to arguments and clashes of style and opinion.

Okay so they’re broke down into four main personality types. Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

While no one can be totally defined by which of the four basic groups they fall into, once you learn how to read peoples color’s (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) you will have a competitive advantage in understanding what will be the most effective way to communicate with them.

Because you know as well as I do this is a relationship building business. And if you’re not building relationships your not making money.

Before we get in to it.

Warning: Not all people fall underneath every single characteristic of a specific personality type. We all have attributes from every personality type. Most people lean towards a certain personality type because they have most or all of it’s traits.

Please Note: That the personality insight is not meant to offend anyone it is purely for educational purposes.

Alright now that we go that over with lets get into.


They are fun loving. They live for the moment. They like bright things and happy people. They like to follow strong leadership as long as the leaders treat them nicely. They love a sense of humor in someone. They are very spontaneous. They are not very mindful of being on time. They are forgetful. They spend their money freely (don’t save much at all). They love to travel and have adventures. They love to be outside in the sunshine. They love being social and meeting new people.

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They are very logical and calculated in their thinking. They do not make “snap decisions; rather, they love to gather data to analyze before making a decision. They are naturally skeptical of people’s motives. They prefer getting facts over having intuition or depending on faith. They are very realistic. They have a tendency to prejudge people. They need a precise plan to follow or they do not function well. The need structure in general. They do not like surprises and are not at all spontaneous. They are perfectionists. They tend to be emotionally detached.

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They are very personable and friendly. They are very loyal and excellent team players. They are supporters rather than leaders. They will follow an ethical leader. They are huge on honesty and integrity. They are very family oriented. They love animals and the great outdoors. They are very environmentally conscious. They are natural peacemakers. They do not like conflicts and confrontations. They love to volunteer for a worthy cause. They do not like people who are materialistic or greedy. They do not like people who are phony, and they are very intuitive. They are very creative and expressive.

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Reds portray a confident attitude. They are challenge oriented. They have a strong desire to win. They like being with the beautiful, “top of the food chain” type of people. They are a usually insecure and need to get their approval from others, which is the main reason they overachieve. They are good decision makers. They are selfish. They can be short with people. They like having the best of everything. They enjoy VIP treatment. They are not very good team players. They like to be in the spotlight.

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