One Off Services


One of the benefits of your having your own offline marketing business is that you can offer whatever services you want. Now these are not major services like an ongoing monthly SEO campaign, however these services can add steady income for your business. I refer to these jobs as “one off services.” Typically they can be done quickly and help you get your foot in the door with business owners. This training will walk through some of the one off services you can add to your offline services.

Why One Off

When introducing this idea to clients a big question I often get is why to offer these one off services. Well it is simple, when you perform one of these services you become the “web guy” of the business owner. That simply means whenever the business owner needs any advice or work done with their online marketing campaign they will think of you. This is a marketing principal known as “top of mind.” Although you may not get a new client right away from offering these services it still achieves multiple strategic objectives when building your offline business.

Think of these one off services as an “A La Carte” of your offline expertise. You can offer any service you want for a one time fee. They require little effort on your part and can bring in an a quick service fee from business owners. In the training days following I will outline specific services that you can offer as one off services.

What to Offer

You can offer anything from social media marketing to reputation management as your one off services. When deciding if a service is right for a business it is important to show how it can help the business get more leads. Like the primary services offered you must establish the need and provide new leads for the business.


For all of your one off services you should offer for a one time fee. For example if you offer YouTube optimization you would just have a one time set up fee of $297. This is the easiest way to charge for your one off services. For most of your one off services you won’t be making substantial profits you are just doing it to generate more potential clients. As a general rule of thumb charge between $47-$147 plus cost for your one off services. Most importantly charge a price that you feel comfortable with.

Another option that you can consider withy our one off services is to offer them as add-ons/bonuses to some of your primary services. For example as bonus for a client purchasing your premium SEO service you can include lead capture management. Your one off services simply add flexibility to your business and the services you can offer.

On Going

There is little need to do any tracking of your one off services on an ongoing basis. You always have the option of add a tracking number however it is not necessary.  A major benefit of your one off services could be any of the following:

  • Lead Generation
  • Business Branding
  • Rebranding (reputation management)
  • Online domination

As long as you continue to add value to the business with your initial service you will not need to provide ongoing tracking. However you should still provide ongoing support to your clients. This will help build report with your clients and they will feel comfortable contacting you about other services.

What’s Next

Begin by thinking of some services that you start to offer in an A La Carte fashion to help build your offline business. Adding these type of services to your business adds more flexibility to your offline marketing business. Remember to choose services that add value for a business. When pricing your these services remember to consider your time and cost to complete the work. Finally since these services are so simple they require little going work or follow up.

The following training modules will walk you thorough some of the one off services you can offer. If you have any questions about any training please feel free to contact me.

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