Now Is the Time to Commit to Personal Development

Have you had a hard time being consistent with personal development? Has your one missed a few days and it turned into a month, three, and six missed months? Are you struggling getting back into the routine? In short, are you missing out on the cool things that come from dedicated personal development?

Never fear! All is not lost! You can be involved in a ward-wide effort to strengthen each other through dedicated mentors. Imagine what we can accomplish by stretching our limits and truly changing our mindset because of personal development! We want you to be part of this eye-opening effort!

The process is simple and it goes like this:

  • Commit today to give a concentrated, yet simple, effort towards listening to personal development 30 minutes a day. Only do this for one month. Yes, just this month. Don’t worry about next month or the month after, just focus on this month.
  • Set a Regular Schedule: Set a regular time to listen to personal development. Make this a part of your daily schedule. Say from 10:00 am to 10:30 am every day you set as side time. Put this recurring time in your phone calendar, email outlook, or on your calendar hanging on the wall.
  • Repeat: Now that you have a regularly scheduled day, repeat each day for desired results.

What are the desired results???

  1. Goal achievement: We all know it’s hard to achieve goals without a little push and some daily motivation.
  2. Change your mindset: You will find that personal development helps you stay more focused and helps you keep your energy level up, so you can handle whatever comes your way.
  3. Peace: Your day will go much better, if you start it out on a positive note.


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