Is blogging a waste of time?

Someone asked me the other day, is blogging a waste of time?

Think about it…

Do you really need a blog to make money online?


In fact, if you took everything from me, dropped
me off in the middle of a tropical resort and
challenged me to rebuild my business I would
use just 3 marketing tools:

1. Web hosting & a domain name (I can get those together at
2. An Aweber Account (My list is like a magic genie)
3. A squeeze page

That’s it!

No blog.

No Fancy Facebook page.

No Twitter account.

Just a simple squeeze page with an opt-in box.

THAT is how I would build my entire business.

I’ve been doing a LOT of testing this year.

And I can tell you that 95% of our profits come
directly from email marketing.

And guess where the MAJORITY of those subscribers came from…


That means that about 5% of our subscribers and sales
come from the blog, social media, etc…

That’s like a little fart in study hall compared to
the marketing power of our email list.

Now – don’t get me wrong.

There is NOTHING wrong with social media. It can be
a great platform for engaging with your community.


It’s NOT going to build your business quickly.

If you want to build your business FAST – then keep
it “Old-School”. Cause ‘Old School’ is still ROCKIN!

In fact, most six and 7-figure online businesses are built
on the basics – “squeeze page, follow up emails,
and an offer”

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