Green Personality Type: The analytical side

Speech patterns: Slow and soft

Priorities: Facts and organization

Attitude: formal, questioning

Appearance: Very average. Nothing to bright or expensive.

Weaknesses: They have a problem with being to cautious paralysis by over-analysis. They miss out on a lot of opportunities because they need to see documented success before they take action.

They are very suspicious and skeptical of people’s motives, they tend to be the most pessimistic of all the personalities. Greens don’t see the point of small talk & they tend to be introverted.

Greens don’t get, “Facts tell stories sell”, They bombard their prospects with facts.

They would rather be right than rich. They let their ego’s get in the way. They have a tendency to prejudge people. They take a long time to make decisions. Have a problem finishing projects because they are too busy making it perfect. Or they over analyze everything to the point of not taking any action. Greens don’t show excitement. They tend to be emotionally detached.

They expect everyone and everything to be perfect and are very critical if they are not. They are very unforgiving. They are difficult to get close to because of their distaste for intimacy. They are too skeptical. They miss out on a lot of opportunities because they need to see documented success before they take action. They come off as cold and uncaring. They can be selfish. They need to win every argument and do things their way. They are not very social.


Who learn to “just do it” and grasp the concept of learning from your experiences, instead out of a book. They stop being so judgmental of people and especially stop prejudging people before they really get to know them. They learn that they do not to win every argument. They don’t need facts for every decision. They learn the value of faith. The open up their emotions to people they feel comfortable with. They lose their deep need to be perfect and develop a desire to be excellent instead. The learn how to be focused on results over methods when trying to achieve success.

Strengths: Greens are very accurate, dependable, efficient & prompt. Usually they are very well read. Up on current events. Extremely organized. Very computer savvy. They have awesome follow up skills. They usually get good results as long as they have precise plan to follow. Good memories.

Dislikes: They abhor sloppy people, unorganized people. Spontaneous actions. Surprise parties. Anything that is unexpected . Hate liars. They lose respect for people who are late. Greens do not like flashy people who spend money frivolously. They can’t stand exaggerations or hype. Not very big on Public displays of affection. Shopping. Distractions and Change.

Hate not receiving credit for stuff they do. Hate people to micro manage them. Procrastinators, wishy washy people. They don’t like improvising. Hate not having the Correct tools for their projects.

Hate long stories and testimonials. They just want the facts.

Dislike going to parties, loud noises and loud people. (They are the opposite of the blue personality.)

Likes: They like to reach & achieve objections. They like being “online” CNN; details; spread sheets and facts. Like to save money any way they can. They like things and people to be on time and predictable. They like Accuracy and Honesty. They like order structure, planning & being prepared.

Like to Micro Manage. Like to confirm information etc. Love to do research. High tech people. Love technology.

Some love video games. Computer programing. Science fiction Movies & books. Some Greens always have a pen in their pocket.

Greens will read long sales letters and check out every page on your website and watch every video. . They are information seekers. Fold their arms a lot. Like to point out when other people are wrong.

Love learning new things. Greens take the time to inform you of your spelling mistakes on blog post, emails etc.

How to move them:

*Provide a special game plan to achieve their immediate financial objectives.

*Just let them scour your website before doing anything else.

*You need to give them the facts and leave them alone.

*Don’t do the take away. That turns them off.

*Give them logical reasons to do your business.

*Make sure you avoid any hype or emotion it turns them off.

Identifying Green Personalities

Dress: Very nondescript. Nothing that stands out.
Nothing flashy
Nothing trendy or expensive
Older generations Leans towards formal and conservative

younger generations Leans towards t-shirts with clever sayings

Appearance: Hair style very standard. Nothing wild or stylish
Least concerned about appearance

Some do not have very good hygiene
Most likely to wear glasses (over contacts) and be
OK with baldness or physical imperfections Usually greens aren’t over weight.

Tone of voice: Borderline monotone. Slow and deliberate
Very articulate. Very little slang. Good vocabulary

Timeliness: Very prompt, Upset when others are late, Efficient with use of time.
Very little small talk.

Greeting them: They will not get close to you (some are very germ conscious)
They like having their space No wild handshakes. Usually no smile or small talk coming from them

Persuading Them: Do not tell them what to do. Explain their options and back off
No hype. Make logical arguments Use as much 3rd party documentation as possible
(the more facts, the better) Explaining placement properly (without pressure)
is very effective.

Teaching Them: Give it to them straight. Don’t sugar coat things.

Be specific with your comments always offering how to find solutions.
Walk your talk. They won’t suffer a hypocrite.
Refer to documented sources to validate what you are teaching them.

Inspiring Them: Do not look over their shoulder all the time.
Raise their expectations (not the realistic ones they will have naturally)
Stress excellence over perfection.

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