Funded Proposal, the science of making money off people, who say no to your Products

A Funded proposal is front end product that you sell your prospects and leads (before you pitch them on your main product). This product is inexpensive (9 to 20 dollars) and it must be beneficial for your target market. You sell this product on the front end to help you pay for your advertising costs. Inside the product (on the back end) you cleverly plug your “real product”.

Why in the heck would you want one?

  1. Fund advertising & marketing Campaigns and put instant CASH in your pocket. By providing a retail informational product.
  2. Build Trust with your Prospects (It’s easier to build trust with a customer than a stranger.) By providing value (something that helps them) tips, tricks or techniques. Your prospect automatically begin to trust you when you help them get what they want. Note: Value is not about you or how awesome your company is. Value is needs to be something that is valuable to your target market.
  3. Positions you as a expert/leader. By offering your prospect more than a regular product or service, you’re set apart from the crowd. You stand out from everyone else who is trying to peddle their products and services. Because, you’re offering a solutions to your target markets problems.
  4. Build Your Brand before they buy your main product you’re by educating them through your information product. (Weeding out the whiners and complainers.)
  5. Another thing to Help you  Brand Yourself.
  6. Create Momentum and increase retention rate by showing your prospects how to solve their problems.
  7. Competitive Edge when it comes to competition because, you have a unique offer that takes your business to a level. A level that could take you years to achieve on your own.
  8. Generates you free quality leads. Eliminating talking to cold leads (in less you want to) by building a list of people who already have a business relationship with you because, they opted into your funded proposal. Forget experiencing the pain of cold calling and dealing with people, who have no clue, who you are. If you’ve done your job right your prospects will know who you are and they will be dying to speak with you.
  9. Because if you don’t have one you will be stuck doing the traditional out dated methods of marketing until you get one.
  10. If you want to be a true expert in the industry you have to leverage this tool. Because all of the masters of this industry don’t do cold calling, passing out flyer and all the other dirty work. The top leader’s market information that serves as a filter or funnel that pre qualifies their leads while paying for their advertising. (a Funded Proposal) Giving them a never ending cycle of leads and prospect for their business.
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