Does a Airplane pilot do your marketing?

Your business survival depends on marketing… who in the heck should you be marketing to?

Quick story:

When I was planning for my wedding 7 years ago. I wrote a list of people I wanted to invite. My Uncle Vance was on that list.  I couldn’t wait to invite him to my “special day”.

So I busted open my bank account, took out $30,000, Printed up 20,000 of the same invitation, hired a pilot to fly over (Dallas Texas) the city where my Uncle Vance lives.  I instructed the pilot to, drop the invitations all over the Dallas area. Then I prayed My Uncle Vance would find one.

Just Kidding……..

I put his invitation in an envelope, with his address, licked a stamp and mailed it with the post office.

For a minute, you thought I was nuts!

Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this…. But that’s exactly how most people market their business.

I don’t mean, they hire a pilot to drop their “business cards” all over the city.  Although, they might as well do that. Because their “marketing tactics” aren’t any better than dropping business cards all over town.

These businesses owners fail to recognize their “target market”. They’re still stuck, thinking everyone wants their product.

I hate to burst their bubble, but that just isn’t the case. It doesn’t matter how amazing and wonderful the product is…. Everyone doesn’t want it!

Look at it this way… it’s like you advertising “Denture Cream” that taste like bubble gum, to me. When I haven’t even reached my thirty’s. I may need it someday, so I should buy it now. LOL

Just because they are over 60, doesn’t make them your target market.  Here’s an idea…. People who have “dentures” are your target market.

Then you want to break it down, even more.

People who hate the taste of denture cream.

Break it down, one more time.

Denture users, who like the taste of bubble gum.

Then, you “Market” to them!


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