18 Tips to Standing out, from the rest of the crowd

I am sure you already know, when it comes to prospecting your Target Market, it has become extremely difficult to get your foot in the door. It’s even a bigger challenge to stay in their good graces.

Because your prospects are over-marketed to, over-sold, and pissed off about it. They’ll slam a phone down faster than you can pick it up. Not to mention… deleting your e-mails without even reading them!

So what can you do about it? Here are some tips, I picked up to help you stand out from everyone else and keep your prospects interest.

  1. Value: The art of giving, giving, giving and give some more. Well, we all know that providing Value is the bail on the hook. But we aren’t the only ones with fishing lines out. Everywhere you turn, people are giving away free content. Note: This not a standalone approach.
  2. Communicate what others can’t: We all have different personality types and we defiantly don’t all think alike. It might be easier for you to connect with a person, that I would have difficultly relating with. Because we aren’t the same person. Whatever you do put a little bit of yourself in it… Let your personality, come out in your videos, blog posts, articles etc.
  3. Build Relationships: You need to stop thinking of your Prospect as just prospects. You need to start thinking of them as friends. Very few people get this concept, and they go off and spam on twitter or Facebook, then they wonder why people aren’t joining their business.
  4. Stop worry about what people think: Don’t be a cookie cutter marketer. Put your own twist on everything you do. 🙂 Many businesses that market act like clones. They’re afraid to make their own video’s write their own emails and blog because, they’re afraid what people might think or say about it.
  5. Give Personality: I hate to say it but, there’s way too many bots on social media i.e. twitter. Too many people using automated programs. Or worse yet people who are hiding behind their computer, afraid to open up and be real. Be yourself. Don’t be scared to show people, you’re a real person, while utilizing social media.
  6. Be a Producer: Don’t be afraid to come out with your own Content that is unique to you. E-books, paid products, newsletters, whatever idea’s pop in your head.
  7. Contrast: If you really want to stand out from the crowd, watch what other businesses in your niche are doing, then DON’T DO IT.

Let’s be real, there are too many zombies out there. It’s like the blind leading, the blind. We all know where they wind up, broke and then eventually quitting. You need to find a marketing expert you can like, know and trust. 🙂 Then you’re welcome to attach yourself at the hip to them.

  1. Be wrong:For real, it okay to be wrong. Do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, even be the wrong thing. There’s so many people who want to be politically correct. It just becomes plain boring. People love controversy. If you’re willing to be someone who doesn’t always have to do the right thing all time, I grantee you will attract a lot of attention.
  2. Be right: Okay, so you can get attention if you’re right….. But only if you’re more right than everyone else. Make your blog post easier to understand. Make your video’s more interesting than everyone else. Say more funny stuff than everyone else. Take pride in your blog and video’s and people will notice.
  3. Walk the Talk: I have seen so many people out there teaching a concept and not following what they preach. If you want attention do what you say, and say what you mean and walk the talk, baby.
  4. The Shock Factor: Do the opposite of what you normally do. Keep people guessing on what you’ll do next! Give strange analogies, shocking pictures and surprising content. Don’t be afraid to get all crazy and fun with it. People like unexpected.
  5. Don’t give up: There is a quote I like. That explains it better than I can.

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race” – Calvin Coolidge

You know what, Thomas Edison found a 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb. Not everyone is going to succeed their first time around. It’s the staying in the game that leads to success.

13. Be Funny:You don’t always have to be so serious or monotone in your videos, or anything else for that matter. There is life on your planet! Tell jokes, be funny. As business owners we’re so busy trying to give value and run our business that we forget to entertain. Then we come off, as Boring. Hey, if we aren’t helping people solve their problems, at least we are helping them catch some Z’s. Hello people, it’s time to wake up. Humor works every time, why do you think public speakers use it?

14. Be interesting: I have seen people that are like miniature text books; they sound like all-knowing teachers. I know I just covered keeping your prospects awake so they stay on your page. But while you’re being funny, it wouldn’t hurt to unleash your “inner dork”. You know the part of you that’s so “enamored” with your topic that everyone else thinks, it’s funny… but they pay attention anyway.

15. Put your Prospects first: Care about what your prospects wants and needs above your own. I know you’re doing your business to make money. I know you have bills to pay. But stop making it all about you, and you will see a drastic change in your business.

16.A for effort: Another thing I hate to say it, but it must be said….. There are too many people out there that do half A** stuff. Come on people, put some heart and feeling into what you’re doing. Give it your all. You will be surprised on how much you’ll stand out.

17. Be Honest: Hey, don’t be scared to be honest and stand up for what you believe in. People will respect you for it. Give it to people straight up! Be so honest that you’re scared to click the “Post” button. Be so honest that no one knows what to say in the comments section…. But they are talking about you.

18. Stories Sell, Fact’s Tell: In Marketing we have heard this a lot. Yeah… Yeah… I know stories support your points, make solid openers, and teach people while entertaining them. But what no one ever talks about is the stories that can make you legends. I am sure you have some real nice stories. But I mean gripping tales that will haunt you forever. Forget about the other stories… Tell me that one.

Trust me, you will stand out.

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Crash Course to “Milking” GOOGLE out of free Traffic

In an earlier post, I talked about what the heart of your business should be and the importance of one.

Now I want to discuss some simple steps you need to take to get ranked in the search engines. So you can get loads of free, laser targeted traffic to your blog. (Remember google doesn’t LOVE your company website, these strategies can also apply to your company website.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

This is the process of raising your website or heart up the google ladder for specific keywords.

Here is an easy example, Joe is on the internet, and he is looking to buy a new car. So he gets on google, does a search for a car dealers. Well you just happen to be a car dealer and you made your website very attractive to google. So Google said, Hey, I like this website let’s put it at the top of the search results. Note: This is a nature search conducted by google. Not a pay pre click ad.

Then Joe see’s your website is on top of the food chain. So he clicks on it. Joe checks out your website or blog likes what he see and then becomes a customer. Thank You google for free advertising.

Now you’re convinced, you need to know this SEO stuff.

Let’s break SEO down to 4 key elements:

  1. The Crawl
    2. Page factors
    3. Site navigation set up
    4. Inbound Linking
  2. The Crawl

Hey, you don’t want to be invisible, so someone needs to know you exist. That’s where search engine spiders come in, we will call them bots. Search engine’s send out bots to “crawl” through your website.

Basically checking you out, inside and out, everything and anything they can get there grabby little hands on (text, images, links) they look at it. Hey, they gottta know what kind of content you have.

You want the bots to “crawl” around your site. If the bots didn’t do their job, you could forget about the search engines having a clue about your website & pages. And you could say sayonara to the Search engines indexing you and Ranking you according to your content.

  1. Page Factors

The 3 most important on – page factors are Page Title, Headlines, and Body Text.

1) Page Title

The page title is found in the topmost sector of your web browser (the blue/black strip at the top of your web browser, with the logo of your web browser on the extreme left).

2) Headlines

Headlines are the names of your posts or articles

3) Body Text

Your body text is your actually post/article or content that helps the search engine or the website visitor know what the heck your website is about.

  1. Site Navigation Set Up

Don’t ignore this aspect of SEO it is just as important as all the other steps.

If web visitors can’t quickly find the information they’re looking for, they will leave as fast as they came, and most likely won’t come back.

The search engine bots also need to be able easily and quickly find what they are looking for so they can do a better job of indexing your site.

You need to make your site as navigable as possible.

Follow these 3 rules as a guideline:

1) The more important the content, the closer to home it needs to be.

Follow the (3 Click Rule) by trying to keep your Key (stuff you always want people see) Content within 3 clicks from your homepage.

Note: this is only a guideline to follow, it’s not mandatory, but it’s good one especially if you’re a beginner.

2) Use Common Sense to Group Content.

Put content where it belongs. You wouldn’t want to put your shoes in your refrigerator. So don’t do it with your website. Always try to group your content logically to allow users and search engine spiders to sort through your content effectively.

3) Don’t create a dead Zone.

Create link backs, where you link pages together. Always link back to pages or post that were created before other post or pages. Don’t forget to link back to the homepage. Plus you get more play out of the content.

  1. Inbound Linking

Inbound Linking is when another website backlinks (points back) to your website.

Believe it or not the more websites linking to your website the more search engines love you and the higher you rank in google, yahoo etc.

Why is SEO important? Because it’s free advertising for you and your business. Allowing you to generate free laser targeted leads for your business.


Every business goes through three critical and predictable stages of development. I want to make you’re aware of these stages and what to expect. Remember, I’m a BIG believer in REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Now each stage can be the launching platform to take you to the next stage or it can be your final stage depending on your reaction.



This is a stage that EVERYONE goes through – and I do mean EVERYONE!! This is where the rubber meets the road. This stage of development can last for what seems like an eternity, if you are not prepared and accept the fact that this is a natural evolution of the development of your business.

This is the stage where you are working every free hour building your business.  Working on marketing tactics, going to seminars, reading books and learning everything you can about your niche. Talking to people about how great your products are, how great the company is and SPENDING MONEY.

Based on how well you accept the training – will determine how long this stage will last. Try to reinvent the wheel and this stage may last until you QUIT. However, if you follow a proven system then this stage will be much shorter, but trust me – you will experience this growth stage.

I have to tell that this is where MOST people QUIT. They just don’t see sufficient financial rewards for the time spent. The next thing that happens is that they are off chasing a new rainbow – QUICK MONEY!

DON’T GIVE UP – Make a commitment to be here a YEAR from the date you began, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!

If you don’t make that initial commitment – failure is imminent.




Okay everyone this is the stage when you start to get some REAL checks – you know the type with commas between the numbers. You open up the envelope that you have been telling your spouse would arrive and to your amazement it’s MORE MONEY than you had expected. Sometimes a great deal more.

At this stage your belief system is reinforced – you are bullet proof. You can talk to anyone. Your businesses goes through the roof. This is the point that you have been waiting for that you never thought would arrive.

Now this stage is a natural progression of STAGE ONE – if you continue to put forth an effort. If you don’t quit.

This is the time for ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION!! Don’t get lazy at this stage. The best is yet to come.

Dig down deep and work harder than you have before




This is where you now think that you can walk on water. Your business continues to grow WITHOUT your daily involvement. Your check gets larger and larger each month. The banker who never would talk with you is now asking you to lunch. Relatives that you have never seen start showing up – everyone is starting to wonder what happened. Did this person who I’ve known all my life win the lottery and didn’t tell me? Your relatives start to think that perhaps you started doing something illegal, because they KNOW you’re not smart enough to make that kind of money – YOU HARDLY EVER WORK!!

Now this is a very dangerous stage – you see money will make you more of what you REALLY are – good or bad.

It’s a time to keep your EGO in check. It’s a time to reflect on what got you to where you are and thank those people who have helped you along the way.

Yes, it’s OK to buy a few things that you’ve always wanted, perhaps that new car, take a few vacation’s that the family has always talked about. Just don’t go overboard. It’s time for real financial planning, you see it’s NOT what you make, it’s WHAT you keep. Get a good financial planner. Pay your taxes, become a good steward of your financial well-being, share with others that are less fortunate and ENJOY!! Take the time you deserve to spend doing what you’ve always wanted to do.


Don’t QUIT when the going gets too rough. Those that STAY THE COURSE will eventually arrive.

You have all of this to look forward to as you build your business – you see, in order to experience these three stages of development you need the luxury of time, time to mature your business, time to grow as a person and a system that will allow those special ingredients to come together. Learning to Market your business the new way is important, it’s the wave of the future it’s your missing link and it’s something you can take advantage of right now. We have a proven system that teaches you step by step how to build your business the right way, so that your business will stay around long term. You have the ability to achieve anything you want. You have the opportunity to help a lot of people, the opportunity to do great things, the opportunity to take your business to the next level It’s now UP TO YOU!! Contact me today to discover how.



Why aren’t you making any money, when everyone needs your Product?

You may think everyone needs or wants your product, but that is just garbage you were led to believe. But I hate to break it to you, it’s a lie. I am going to need denture cream someday. I definitely don’t need it now. But I will need it someday, so maybe I should start stocking up on it now. Lol

Yeah, that was funny. But it’s not a joke that you need to be marketing to the right kind of people. Specificity people who are actively looking to solve a problem you can cure.

Just for fun, let’s pretend you’re a part of a 7 trillion dollars industry “Travel” it’s also the 2nd largest industry in the world. (Banking is #1). So we know by the dollar amount a lot of people travel.

And you just happen to have a membership club that can save people loads of money on travel.

But we are not going to make the mistake and think well everyone travels, so they need to join our membership club and save money on travel. (Donald Trump owns his own online travel company, so he doesn’t require our services.)

The families that take a fun little road trip to grandma’s house each year, found their own way to save on travel. (Drive your own car, stay at relatives, lol) So they don’t want our services.

People with RV’s probably don’t want our services either. Get the idea.

So we know, who isn’t, “our target market”, now we need to find out who is. We need to break it down.

  1. Make a list of all the problems your Product or Service can solve.

Travel can relieve stress

Travel more places on the same dime.

People can still afford to travel in a down economy

  1. Make a list of potential Sub Markets (Your Market is People who Travel)

People with stressful Jobs that need a vacation

People who want to travel to Europe

People that want to go to Disneyland

People with a small budget that still want to travel.

  1. Now you make a list of your Sub Markets, Sub Market.

Basically you break it down one more time. Like this.

Market: Travel

Sub market: Newly Wed’s going on a honey moon.

Sub Market of Sub Market: Newly Wed’s that want to visit Europe. You can even break it down one more time Newly Wed’s that want to visit Pairs.

  1. You need to make a list of each Market/Submarkets Fears and Desires.

This will help you get a better idea how to market to them. More specificity how to move them.

By following this 4 step process you will be able to get a more targeted group of people. Equaling more sales and more money in your pocket. 🙂


Funded Proposal, the science of making money off people, who say no to your Products

A Funded proposal is front end product that you sell your prospects and leads (before you pitch them on your main product). This product is inexpensive (9 to 20 dollars) and it must be beneficial for your target market. You sell this product on the front end to help you pay for your advertising costs. Inside the product (on the back end) you cleverly plug your “real product”.

Why in the heck would you want one?

  1. Fund advertising & marketing Campaigns and put instant CASH in your pocket. By providing a retail informational product.
  2. Build Trust with your Prospects (It’s easier to build trust with a customer than a stranger.) By providing value (something that helps them) tips, tricks or techniques. Your prospect automatically begin to trust you when you help them get what they want. Note: Value is not about you or how awesome your company is. Value is needs to be something that is valuable to your target market.
  3. Positions you as a expert/leader. By offering your prospect more than a regular product or service, you’re set apart from the crowd. You stand out from everyone else who is trying to peddle their products and services. Because, you’re offering a solutions to your target markets problems.
  4. Build Your Brand before they buy your main product you’re by educating them through your information product. (Weeding out the whiners and complainers.)
  5. Another thing to Help you  Brand Yourself.
  6. Create Momentum and increase retention rate by showing your prospects how to solve their problems.
  7. Competitive Edge when it comes to competition because, you have a unique offer that takes your business to a level. A level that could take you years to achieve on your own.
  8. Generates you free quality leads. Eliminating talking to cold leads (in less you want to) by building a list of people who already have a business relationship with you because, they opted into your funded proposal. Forget experiencing the pain of cold calling and dealing with people, who have no clue, who you are. If you’ve done your job right your prospects will know who you are and they will be dying to speak with you.
  9. Because if you don’t have one you will be stuck doing the traditional out dated methods of marketing until you get one.
  10. If you want to be a true expert in the industry you have to leverage this tool. Because all of the masters of this industry don’t do cold calling, passing out flyer and all the other dirty work. The top leader’s market information that serves as a filter or funnel that pre qualifies their leads while paying for their advertising. (a Funded Proposal) Giving them a never ending cycle of leads and prospect for their business.

Blog the Heart of your Business

The internet has caused a drastic twist to the classic, “word of mouth advertising”. Recommending restaurants, movies, products and even services to your friends and family is what “word of mouth advertising” is all about. And it just got much easier because of the internet and social media.

Social media has changed everything.  Instead of being limited, to making friends with your neighbor down the street, you can go on the world- wide- web and connect with anyone for around the world.

The crazy thing is, 43.8% of traffic on the web is captured by social media. Google is in a close second with 33.2%. So with all this love going around on social media… how can you take advantage of the piece of the pie?

Simple, you need to become an information wave station. People Love information. Believe it or not if they see value that entices them to “spread the word”.

Where can you set up shop to give information?

A WordPress blog. But not just any blog, that talks about your family and whatever else you feel like talking about that day. This blog is going to be the hub or the Heart of your business. The big differences between a regular blog (that you update about your life etc.) and the heart is the design layout and content.

What’s that you say? You already have a company website. Sorry, but that’s not good enough. Google has seen a million of them and so have other people. That site isn’t unique to you and it doesn’t help you brand yourself.

What can the Heart (blog) do for you that the company website cannot?

  1. You can tap into all the major traffic sources (social media, SEO, PPC) and point them back to your heart.
  2. Your Heart will allow you to market -Y-O-U so that you can brand yourself as a expert.
  3. The heart will make it easier for you to market you and your business on social media.
  4. Act as a buffer between your target market and your product and services.
  5. Build your list, that you own.
  6. Be able to market online
  7. You can actively use pay per click strategies.
  8. Take advantage of multiple streams of income.
  9. Make money off of the 95% of people who say no to your products or services.
  10. You can make keyword rich content for SEO Strategies.
  11. Integrate your heart (blog) with your Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
  12. Host content (video’s & Articles).
  13. You can start conversations about you/product/service/by engaging your audience through comments on your blog and on social media.
  14. A house for your funded proposal.
  15. Your Heart sets you apart from everyone else.


You were born to succeed!

You were born to succeedWhat do you think a weed is?

Most people think it’s some annoying thing that no one wants.

But, it is really something very, “beautiful” because, it’s a living thing that refuses to die.

It says to all those, who try to tear it down, “Forget that, I am going to live, no matter how hard the world makes it for me”.

I am going to live and I am going to grow!

Why are you trying so hard to fit in? When you were born to stand out!!!

Take a lesson from the Weed, stand out from the rest of the garden and continue to grow. Continue to try, no matter what the world throws your way.

You were born to succeed!



What is the difference between a Industry Leader and you?

What is the difference between top leaders in your industry and YOU? Consistency and positioning!

You can have consistency without positioning and get people to buy your products and service. Because of the law of averages, the more people you talk too, eventually someone is going to buy your product or service. However, you have to go through a lot of rejection, before you see any real results.

How do we eliminate all of that rejection? If you look at Successful businesses, they all have one thing in common — they have people coming to them to buy their products and services, instead of having to find customers, like the way you currently are.

Growing a Colossal Size Business, Has NOTHING To Do With, Bombarding your prospects with presentations and sales materials or your Company’s product or services.

It Has Everything To Do With You Learning MARKETING, And How To Effectively POSITION Yourself As A Leader…If This Is Done Correctly, You’ll Literally Have Prospects, Thousands Of Them, Lining Up At Your Door With 1 Simple Question…”How can I buy that?”

People are born followers. From the time, we are a little child, we are taught to follow. Our parents and our school teachers taught us to follow their instructions.

We were taught from a young age, how to obey or we would have consequences.  Therefore we learned to view them as an authority figure. We are taught to follow the laws of the land, we are taught to follow our religious beliefs. Everywhere you turn, you are taught to follow something or someone. We are always following or listen to someone else.

How do you become the leader and have people follow you?

You need to become “The Hunted” – Not the Hunter!

To Be Successful In ANY Business You Must Think Of Yourself As an EXPERT!  You must believe that you have something to offer other people. Because You do!

People are not attracted to products or services, they are attracted to people who can help them get what they want.


So how do you positioning yourself as a Leader in you industry?

You need to become an expert in your niche and know the needs and wants of your prospect. You must know who your market is, inside and out. How can you expect to become an expert, if you don’t know the needs of your prospect? It’s not possible!

One of the keys to making it big in your industry is learning to work smarter, not harder! If you’re serious about your industry and achieving your goals. You’re going to need a way to bring people to you, create cash flow for your business, and learn about attraction marketing!


You need to Brand Yourself, Like companies Brand Products

Companies like, Kellogg’s, Nike and Walmart have done a great job at getting their name out in the public eye. So that “Us” as the consumers recognize their names, logo’s and packaging.

Think about it, have you ever made or eaten a Rice Krispies treat?

Of course you have.

Can you tell me something?  If made those treats with a generic brand of rice cereal that is identical to Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal — (Except for the name and the design on the box) –Would you stop calling it “Rice Krispies treats” and use another name?

I doubt it!

I am willing to bet, that you would call that “generic brand cereal” Rice Krispies.

Why do you think, you would do that? Simple! Kellogg’s has done an excellent job of branding a rice cereal — Snap Crackle and Pop.

So what does that tell us? Well, “Us” as consumers would be lost without brands. How would companies compete, without branding? A pair of shoes would be just shoes. There wouldn’t be anything “special” about them. Because they weren’t held in high regard like the “Air Jordan’s”.  That was for all the guys out there that think shoes are boring to talk about.

Lol. Okay back on track.

For the girls, I have a cute pair of shoe.  Ask me already, where I got them!

I picked them up, at a “little corner shop” down the street, across from Maple.

That gave you a clear picture right? It’s didn’t, huh? What if, I told you the “brand” of the shoes?

A brand is actually something, you can connect with.

Remember that movie Mel Gibson was in “What Woman Want”? Mel Gibson’s Character (which is a red personality by the way). Does an advertising campaign for “Nike” where he uses, the tagline “Nike, no games, just sports”.

Yeah, you get the idea. The name (brand) “Nike” gives you something to connect with. A clear picture.

Instead of saying, they came from the store down the street.

That’s all branding is, connection!

I will tell you one more time — just in-case, you didn’t catch it, the first time.

Take, Perry Marshall, Super cool guy. What’s he, known for?  Google Adwords! You hear, Perry’s, name, you automatically, connect him with, Google Adwords, Right?

One more. Mike Dillard? Magnetic Sponsoring. Sure, Mike, has more than one product. But, he is known, for what? Let me hear, you say it. Magnetic Sponsoring!

When I talk about “branding yourself”. I mean take your “name” and make it famous, baby. Become known for “blank”. Give people something they can “connect” your name with.  Not just anything, something of value.

Choose a niche, then become an expert in it. Become the king or queen of _______ (you choose what goes in the blank). J

All you need to do is master one thing…Once you become really good at that one thing you can branch out from there.

That’s it, I just gave you the “big secret” to branding. Become totally awesome at something. Then show people how to do that thing.  The more people you reach, the more love you get. Before you know it, you’re famous, Baby. And you’re rollin, in the dough.

Don’t forget me when you get all that fame. 😉


Attraction Marketing, the how to, on positioning yourself as a expert

Years ago, I remember sitting at business conference, listening to the speaker talk about having the “winner’s swagger”.  At the time, I had no clue, what that meant.

Later, I discovered it was positioning.

Positioning is when you’re viewed as a “leader or expert” in your industry. Look at the top companies in your industry, for example.   They have, what you want, right?  You view them as an expert or a leader, within the Industry.

You may even want to rub shoulders with their Vice President or CEO…  And of course you want to find out their secrets to success. You start thinking… If I knew what made them so successful, my business would take off.

I don’t know about you… But whenever I used to meet a CEO or VP of a BIG company; I would get star struck.

I viewed them as experts and leaders in their field…. Their knowledge and skill level were much higher than mine. They had something I desired and value.  I wanted to learn everything, I could from them.

In my eyes, they could help me, achieve success!

How to Position Yourself:

There are two different ways you can position yourself as an expert or leader.

  1. Use Posture

Fake it till, you make it attitude! Take on the RED Personality (You know you’re going somewhere; people can either join you or be left behind!) This one is hard to pull off, if you don’t have belief in yourself.  Then your prospect’s, see you as their equal, instead of an expert.

  1. Giving Value

Market solutions through a product, newsletter or blog.  Come from a place of giving, instead of taking. Be helpful. Give people tips. Educate them on tricks you’ve discovered.


Becoming an Expert

You become an expert by providing useful valuable information to those seeking it, within your industry or niche. You become valuable to your readers or YouTube viewers because of your knowledge level and/or skill set.

People are attracted to you, when you know more about a particular subject, than they do. You become their mentor, their teacher, The EXPERT! As long as you don’t lead them astray, People will seek YOU out; seek your knowledge and unlimitedly seek what you have to offer.

That my friend, is attraction marketing!

Note: Attraction Marketing only works when you have invested in yourself (education).

It would be silly for me to claim, I was an expert at fixing cars, when I don’t have a clue how to change a tire. How can I educate you on cars, when I don’t have any knowledge about them?

I would be exposed as a fraud instantly and I would lose all my creditability. Then, no one would want to trust me again.

Before you go off giving people value make sure you know, what the hell you’re talking about.

If you have no clue about a subject and you want to talk about — Read books on it, check out seminars about the topic. Whatever you have to do to bring your knowledge level UP.

Doctors had to go to college to become a doctor. The books you read, the courses you study, and seminars you go to; are all investing in yourself, and your education!




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