Blog the Heart of your Business

The internet has caused a drastic twist to the classic, “word of mouth advertising”. Recommending restaurants, movies, products and even services to your friends and family is what “word of mouth advertising” is all about. And it just got much easier because of the internet and social media.

Social media has changed everything.  Instead of being limited, to making friends with your neighbor down the street, you can go on the world- wide- web and connect with anyone for around the world.

The crazy thing is, 43.8% of traffic on the web is captured by social media. Google is in a close second with 33.2%. So with all this love going around on social media… how can you take advantage of the piece of the pie?

Simple, you need to become an information wave station. People Love information. Believe it or not if they see value that entices them to “spread the word”.

Where can you set up shop to give information?

A WordPress blog. But not just any blog, that talks about your family and whatever else you feel like talking about that day. This blog is going to be the hub or the Heart of your business. The big differences between a regular blog (that you update about your life etc.) and the heart is the design layout and content.

What’s that you say? You already have a company website. Sorry, but that’s not good enough. Google has seen a million of them and so have other people. That site isn’t unique to you and it doesn’t help you brand yourself.

What can the Heart (blog) do for you that the company website cannot?

  1. You can tap into all the major traffic sources (social media, SEO, PPC) and point them back to your heart.
  2. Your Heart will allow you to market -Y-O-U so that you can brand yourself as a expert.
  3. The heart will make it easier for you to market you and your business on social media.
  4. Act as a buffer between your target market and your product and services.
  5. Build your list, that you own.
  6. Be able to market online
  7. You can actively use pay per click strategies.
  8. Take advantage of multiple streams of income.
  9. Make money off of the 95% of people who say no to your products or services.
  10. You can make keyword rich content for SEO Strategies.
  11. Integrate your heart (blog) with your Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.
  12. Host content (video’s & Articles).
  13. You can start conversations about you/product/service/by engaging your audience through comments on your blog and on social media.
  14. A house for your funded proposal.
  15. Your Heart sets you apart from everyone else.


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