What is the difference between a Industry Leader and you?

What is the difference between top leaders in your industry and YOU? Consistency and positioning!

You can have consistency without positioning and get people to buy your products and service. Because of the law of averages, the more people you talk too, eventually someone is going to buy your product or service. However, you have to go through a lot of rejection, before you see any real results.

How do we eliminate all of that rejection? If you look at Successful businesses, they all have one thing in common — they have people coming to them to buy their products and services, instead of having to find customers, like the way you currently are.

Growing a Colossal Size Business, Has NOTHING To Do With, Bombarding your prospects with presentations and sales materials or your Company’s product or services.

It Has Everything To Do With You Learning MARKETING, And How To Effectively POSITION Yourself As A Leader…If This Is Done Correctly, You’ll Literally Have Prospects, Thousands Of Them, Lining Up At Your Door With 1 Simple Question…”How can I buy that?”

People are born followers. From the time, we are a little child, we are taught to follow. Our parents and our school teachers taught us to follow their instructions.

We were taught from a young age, how to obey or we would have consequences.  Therefore we learned to view them as an authority figure. We are taught to follow the laws of the land, we are taught to follow our religious beliefs. Everywhere you turn, you are taught to follow something or someone. We are always following or listen to someone else.

How do you become the leader and have people follow you?

You need to become “The Hunted” – Not the Hunter!

To Be Successful In ANY Business You Must Think Of Yourself As an EXPERT!  You must believe that you have something to offer other people. Because You do!

People are not attracted to products or services, they are attracted to people who can help them get what they want.


So how do you positioning yourself as a Leader in you industry?

You need to become an expert in your niche and know the needs and wants of your prospect. You must know who your market is, inside and out. How can you expect to become an expert, if you don’t know the needs of your prospect? It’s not possible!

One of the keys to making it big in your industry is learning to work smarter, not harder! If you’re serious about your industry and achieving your goals. You’re going to need a way to bring people to you, create cash flow for your business, and learn about attraction marketing!


You need to Brand Yourself, Like companies Brand Products

Companies like, Kellogg’s, Nike and Walmart have done a great job at getting their name out in the public eye. So that “Us” as the consumers recognize their names, logo’s and packaging.

Think about it, have you ever made or eaten a Rice Krispies treat?

Of course you have.

Can you tell me something?  If made those treats with a generic brand of rice cereal that is identical to Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal — (Except for the name and the design on the box) –Would you stop calling it “Rice Krispies treats” and use another name?

I doubt it!

I am willing to bet, that you would call that “generic brand cereal” Rice Krispies.

Why do you think, you would do that? Simple! Kellogg’s has done an excellent job of branding a rice cereal — Snap Crackle and Pop.

So what does that tell us? Well, “Us” as consumers would be lost without brands. How would companies compete, without branding? A pair of shoes would be just shoes. There wouldn’t be anything “special” about them. Because they weren’t held in high regard like the “Air Jordan’s”.  That was for all the guys out there that think shoes are boring to talk about.

Lol. Okay back on track.

For the girls, I have a cute pair of shoe.  Ask me already, where I got them!

I picked them up, at a “little corner shop” down the street, across from Maple.

That gave you a clear picture right? It’s didn’t, huh? What if, I told you the “brand” of the shoes?

A brand is actually something, you can connect with.

Remember that movie Mel Gibson was in “What Woman Want”? Mel Gibson’s Character (which is a red personality by the way). Does an advertising campaign for “Nike” where he uses, the tagline “Nike, no games, just sports”.

Yeah, you get the idea. The name (brand) “Nike” gives you something to connect with. A clear picture.

Instead of saying, they came from the store down the street.

That’s all branding is, connection!

I will tell you one more time — just in-case, you didn’t catch it, the first time.

Take, Perry Marshall, Super cool guy. What’s he, known for?  Google Adwords! You hear, Perry’s, name, you automatically, connect him with, Google Adwords, Right?

One more. Mike Dillard? Magnetic Sponsoring. Sure, Mike, has more than one product. But, he is known, for what? Let me hear, you say it. Magnetic Sponsoring!

When I talk about “branding yourself”. I mean take your “name” and make it famous, baby. Become known for “blank”. Give people something they can “connect” your name with.  Not just anything, something of value.

Choose a niche, then become an expert in it. Become the king or queen of _______ (you choose what goes in the blank). J

All you need to do is master one thing…Once you become really good at that one thing you can branch out from there.

That’s it, I just gave you the “big secret” to branding. Become totally awesome at something. Then show people how to do that thing.  The more people you reach, the more love you get. Before you know it, you’re famous, Baby. And you’re rollin, in the dough.

Don’t forget me when you get all that fame. 😉


Attraction Marketing, the how to, on positioning yourself as a expert

Years ago, I remember sitting at business conference, listening to the speaker talk about having the “winner’s swagger”.  At the time, I had no clue, what that meant.

Later, I discovered it was positioning.

Positioning is when you’re viewed as a “leader or expert” in your industry. Look at the top companies in your industry, for example.   They have, what you want, right?  You view them as an expert or a leader, within the Industry.

You may even want to rub shoulders with their Vice President or CEO…  And of course you want to find out their secrets to success. You start thinking… If I knew what made them so successful, my business would take off.

I don’t know about you… But whenever I used to meet a CEO or VP of a BIG company; I would get star struck.

I viewed them as experts and leaders in their field…. Their knowledge and skill level were much higher than mine. They had something I desired and value.  I wanted to learn everything, I could from them.

In my eyes, they could help me, achieve success!

How to Position Yourself:

There are two different ways you can position yourself as an expert or leader.

  1. Use Posture

Fake it till, you make it attitude! Take on the RED Personality (You know you’re going somewhere; people can either join you or be left behind!) This one is hard to pull off, if you don’t have belief in yourself.  Then your prospect’s, see you as their equal, instead of an expert.

  1. Giving Value

Market solutions through a product, newsletter or blog.  Come from a place of giving, instead of taking. Be helpful. Give people tips. Educate them on tricks you’ve discovered.


Becoming an Expert

You become an expert by providing useful valuable information to those seeking it, within your industry or niche. You become valuable to your readers or YouTube viewers because of your knowledge level and/or skill set.

People are attracted to you, when you know more about a particular subject, than they do. You become their mentor, their teacher, The EXPERT! As long as you don’t lead them astray, People will seek YOU out; seek your knowledge and unlimitedly seek what you have to offer.

That my friend, is attraction marketing!

Note: Attraction Marketing only works when you have invested in yourself (education).

It would be silly for me to claim, I was an expert at fixing cars, when I don’t have a clue how to change a tire. How can I educate you on cars, when I don’t have any knowledge about them?

I would be exposed as a fraud instantly and I would lose all my creditability. Then, no one would want to trust me again.

Before you go off giving people value make sure you know, what the hell you’re talking about.

If you have no clue about a subject and you want to talk about — Read books on it, check out seminars about the topic. Whatever you have to do to bring your knowledge level UP.

Doctors had to go to college to become a doctor. The books you read, the courses you study, and seminars you go to; are all investing in yourself, and your education!




Does a Airplane pilot do your marketing?

Your business survival depends on marketing… who in the heck should you be marketing to?

Quick story:

When I was planning for my wedding 7 years ago. I wrote a list of people I wanted to invite. My Uncle Vance was on that list.  I couldn’t wait to invite him to my “special day”.

So I busted open my bank account, took out $30,000, Printed up 20,000 of the same invitation, hired a pilot to fly over (Dallas Texas) the city where my Uncle Vance lives.  I instructed the pilot to, drop the invitations all over the Dallas area. Then I prayed My Uncle Vance would find one.

Just Kidding……..

I put his invitation in an envelope, with his address, licked a stamp and mailed it with the post office.

For a minute, you thought I was nuts!

Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this…. But that’s exactly how most people market their business.

I don’t mean, they hire a pilot to drop their “business cards” all over the city.  Although, they might as well do that. Because their “marketing tactics” aren’t any better than dropping business cards all over town.

These businesses owners fail to recognize their “target market”. They’re still stuck, thinking everyone wants their product.

I hate to burst their bubble, but that just isn’t the case. It doesn’t matter how amazing and wonderful the product is…. Everyone doesn’t want it!

Look at it this way… it’s like you advertising “Denture Cream” that taste like bubble gum, to me. When I haven’t even reached my thirty’s. I may need it someday, so I should buy it now. LOL

Just because they are over 60, doesn’t make them your target market.  Here’s an idea…. People who have “dentures” are your target market.

Then you want to break it down, even more.

People who hate the taste of denture cream.

Break it down, one more time.

Denture users, who like the taste of bubble gum.

Then, you “Market” to them!


Are You Asking Your Prospects to Dance, Or are they asking you?

I have been asked many times what is Attraction Marketing. And for some reason I always remember the night I met my husband Brandon.

Let me tell you the story and you will understand why.

One night a friend of mine convinced me to go to a dance club with her. I didn’t really want to be there and it showed because every guy who asked me to dance I turned down. Even if they were cute.

I was about ready to ask me friend if we could leave when I noticed a guy (Brandon) who had been smiling at me all night. It was puzzling to me because he had never asked me to dance.

Then I realized he was dancing by himself. I thought that was odd because I could tell right off he wasn’t shy. Why didn’t he come ask me to dance I thought, it’s not like he dancing with anyone.

Okay now, I didn’t want to leave. I wanted Brandon to ask me to dance. So I smiled back.

Then him smiled again. I got butterflies in my stomach, then I gave him another smile.

I was hoping he would come over and ask me to dance. But he didn’t.

I walked toward him this time giving him all the signals, I wanted to dance with him. He just smiled back and kept dancing.

The funny thing is several guys asked me to dance that night. And I told them all no. But now I had my heart set on dancing with the one guy who wouldn’t come ask me to dance.

But I Thought to myself I am going to get him (Brandon) to ask me to dance. So I moved closer to where he was dancing. Still he did nothing but smile and raise his head as if he was saying I notice you.

I walked closer, this time I was right next to him. Giving him easy prey. We exchanged flirty smiles. Our eyes where now locked on each other. But still he wouldn’t come over. I could tell he liked me, why wouldn’t he ask me to dance?

As the night went on, so did my desire to dance with him. Until Finally I couldn’t stand it any more.

I asked him.

The reason I think it’s a perfect example of Attraction Marketing is this, The guy (who is actually now my husband Brandon) Didn’t act like he was desperate to dance with me. He let me know he was there and then waited for me to make the first move.

See if he would have come asked me to dance he would risk the chance that I said no. Because that was my automatic response to everyone. Whether I wanted to dance or not. Then we might have never met, or got married.

But because he waited for me to come to him, I wanted to meet him and get to know him.

So hopefully you get it, Attraction Marketing is when people come to YOU and ask you for products and services. Instead of you asking them to buy your products or services. Attraction Marketing is when people welcome you into their lives as friends. Instead of kicking you out the door.

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