Attraction Marketing, the how to, on positioning yourself as a expert

Years ago, I remember sitting at business conference, listening to the speaker talk about having the “winner’s swagger”.  At the time, I had no clue, what that meant.

Later, I discovered it was positioning.

Positioning is when you’re viewed as a “leader or expert” in your industry. Look at the top companies in your industry, for example.   They have, what you want, right?  You view them as an expert or a leader, within the Industry.

You may even want to rub shoulders with their Vice President or CEO…  And of course you want to find out their secrets to success. You start thinking… If I knew what made them so successful, my business would take off.

I don’t know about you… But whenever I used to meet a CEO or VP of a BIG company; I would get star struck.

I viewed them as experts and leaders in their field…. Their knowledge and skill level were much higher than mine. They had something I desired and value.  I wanted to learn everything, I could from them.

In my eyes, they could help me, achieve success!

How to Position Yourself:

There are two different ways you can position yourself as an expert or leader.

  1. Use Posture

Fake it till, you make it attitude! Take on the RED Personality (You know you’re going somewhere; people can either join you or be left behind!) This one is hard to pull off, if you don’t have belief in yourself.  Then your prospect’s, see you as their equal, instead of an expert.

  1. Giving Value

Market solutions through a product, newsletter or blog.  Come from a place of giving, instead of taking. Be helpful. Give people tips. Educate them on tricks you’ve discovered.


Becoming an Expert

You become an expert by providing useful valuable information to those seeking it, within your industry or niche. You become valuable to your readers or YouTube viewers because of your knowledge level and/or skill set.

People are attracted to you, when you know more about a particular subject, than they do. You become their mentor, their teacher, The EXPERT! As long as you don’t lead them astray, People will seek YOU out; seek your knowledge and unlimitedly seek what you have to offer.

That my friend, is attraction marketing!

Note: Attraction Marketing only works when you have invested in yourself (education).

It would be silly for me to claim, I was an expert at fixing cars, when I don’t have a clue how to change a tire. How can I educate you on cars, when I don’t have any knowledge about them?

I would be exposed as a fraud instantly and I would lose all my creditability. Then, no one would want to trust me again.

Before you go off giving people value make sure you know, what the hell you’re talking about.

If you have no clue about a subject and you want to talk about — Read books on it, check out seminars about the topic. Whatever you have to do to bring your knowledge level UP.

Doctors had to go to college to become a doctor. The books you read, the courses you study, and seminars you go to; are all investing in yourself, and your education!




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