Are you Normal or Do you stand out?

Are you normal?

If you are, I’ll bet you find building your small business quite difficult.

The Internet is awesome because you have a worldwide audience.  The
Internet is a pain in the butt because you have worldwide competition.

That competition means EVERYONE is clamoring for attention.  The
next website is only a click away.  Those websites are filled with shiny new

gadgets.  There is more free content online than ever before.  And there

are more items being sold than ever before.


Worst of all, it appears your audience’s attention span is dropping with

the use of both TV and the Internet.


The good news is that there’s a solution…but it won’t be found in being


You need to become an extremist for your viewpoint.

Look at those who stand out.  They’re a voice.  They’re extreme in
their viewpoint.

For example, take any political talk show host that’s popular.  Are they

“normal?”  For example, is Rush Limbaugh normal?  Neither the people who

love or the ones that hate him would likely consider him “normal?”  And that’s

a key there – most people either love him or hate him.


Now take any of the stars that come out of “reality” TV.  Are the ones who

stand out and recognized normal, just fit into the group types?  No.




That’s what I’m talking about when I’m pushing you to become an extreme

writer, an extreme internet business owner, and an extreme stand out personality.

What kinds of strategies can you use to become extreme in your writing?

The big one is to QUIT being a parrot.  Quit repeating what everybody else

says…and get a voice.  Maybe someone will disagree with you.  Great.  That

means they’re listening.  The worst thing your audience can do is simply tune

you out.


Here are a few idea jogging questions to get you thinking about what you can

write about…

  1. What are some of the biggest lies commonly told in your industry?
  2. When have you been the angriest in your business life?
  3. What’s the biggest mistake of your life…and how does that
    relate to your subject?
  4. What’s the big vision for your business – how do you want to
    uniquely change the world?
  5. What are some of the best qualities of your competitors?  What
    COULD you recommend them for?
  6. What’s one personal or business story that changed your life?
    What’s the biggest “life change” you had?
  7. What do you “stand for” in life and/or business?

Write a post or email about a couple of the ideas above.  And be real in it.

Give a story.  Let them know how you feel.

Hey Girls, are you feeling burned out?

With women today busier than ever, finding quality time to spend with friends is becoming harder. Friends are an important part of any woman’s life, and taking the time to strengthen your friendship bond and creating lasting memories is so important for you sanity.

Whether it’s a special celebration with your sister, quality time with your mom or just a girl’s get-together. No matter the occasion a “girls days” is a great way to unwind, recharge your batteries and have fun with your favorite females.

Once you get back from your evening out… I am sure you will come back with a better perspective on your life and your business. While many women think they don’t have time for a night out on the town with the girls, or that they even deserve one; I am here to tell you that it’s good for you!

We all know that ‘stress’ isn’t good for our health. And spending time with the girls is a great stress reliever. Not only that, but when you’re out having fun, laughing and having an overall good time, it boasts your mood, and we all know that if mama ain’t happy, no one is happy.

Ultimately, taking a night off, is a choice, your choice. But, it’s not enough to take a night off, you need to be connecting with people. It’s been proven, that connecting with people generally make people happier than purposing material items.

Setting time aside for a night out is crucial for your well-being as a human being. So, the next time you feel burned out or stressed consider this, take a night off and enjoy some company of some good friends.


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